Feather Flag Banner

Flag Banners are great for grabbing attention at an outdoor event and store front.  Flag stands take minimal space and with a tall banner, people will be able to see your message from a distance. Double sided graphics is a great option as it allows the message to be seen not only from a distance but from every direction. 


  • Digitally printed on 4oz polyester, your flag will not only be extremely durable and weather resistant but have vibrant and clear colours.
  • Single or Double sided printing
  • Comes as kits, complete with printed flag, flag pole, choice of base and carry bag


base option


A heavy metal base with a flat, square shaped bottom great for indoor use and outdoor settings of high foot traffic and moderately windy conditions

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ground spike

This 25" long metal spike is great for installing flags outdoors in solid soil and typically provides the greatest stability for outdoor use.

, square shaped bottm


cross base

This base has 4 legs and a foldable design making it a great option for indoor use and flags that may require travel. If used indoors with higher amounts of foot traffic, be careful to place it so that it does not create a tripping hazard.

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cross base + water bag

To more securely anchor your flag, use a refillable water bag to put over the top of your cross base. This heavy plastic ring full of water adds 16 pounds of weight to secure your flag!

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